Chattanooga, Tenn. – BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) members are now part of the largest electronic health care data exchange for a commercially insured population in Tennessee, with the introduction of the Shared Health Clinical Health RecordTM to the insurers’ product portfolio.

The clinical health record, which securely connects clinicians to patient health information at the point of care, is available to BCBST’s 600,000 fully-funded group insured members.

“We feel that a health care system that optimizes effectiveness and efficiency will lead to better outcomes in both cost and quality for our members,” Linda Andreae, BCBST Vice President of Product Performance, said. “This clinical health record is designed in a way that it virtually ensures we will meet those goals.”

Unique to BCBST members’ clinical health records is a “consumer view” that complements the clinician view on which Shared Health’s electronic record is based. This means that the clinical health record is securely viewable and accessible to both the clinician and the consumer—a feature that distinguishes BCBST’s contract with Shared Health from its other users.

“Our members are most qualified to make decisions that affect their individual health care,” Andreae said, adding, “It’s our responsibility to provide them with the information necessary to keep them engaged and empowered, so we sought from Shared Health a solution that would connect both clinicians and the patients they treat to the same information.”

Andreae also noted that the clinical health record, which includes information on medication history, allergies, and childhood immunizations, is the latest in a series of consumer-driven tools that BCBST offers its members in an effort to increase consumer engagement and better meet customer needs.

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