We take our responsibility to members seriously always but especially in uncertain times. Our strong reserves are a big part of this commitment.

• The real drivers of premium increases are rising medical costs and utilization – not reserves.

• We have built our reserves gradually over 65 years.

• We view strong reserves as the ultimate consumer protection, providing peace of mind to 3 million members we cover.

• ConsumersUnion calls for only the bare minimum of reserves – a level regarded as inadequate by most regulators.

• The 2008 financial crisis is a very real example of the need for deep reserves. While the value of our reserves dropped significantly, we met all obligations and remained financially strong. No bailouts here.

• We don’t sell stock – reserves are the only source of funds to meet members’ needs in good times and bad.

• Using reserves to lower premiums for one year is short-sighted. Afterward, we would have to raise premiums to catch up with two years of rising medical costs.

• Our net income has averaged just 3.6 percent over the last five years and we work hard to keep coverage as affordable as possible.