BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee continues to offer a variety of coverage options for children.

• Spouses and children under age 19 may apply for coverage as an eligible dependent for a PersonalBlue policy. All new policies with effective dates on or after Sept. 23, 2010 will cover pre-existing conditions and include the mandated benefit changes of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

• Existing family policies can apply to add dependents, including newborns, at any time during the year. Underwriting, rate-ups and pre-existing waiting periods will apply to these grandfathered plans.

• Parents may attempt to enroll their children in CoverKids, Tennessee’s program for uninsured children.

• Child-only HIPAA Guarantee Issue policies will still be available year round if the child meets the HIPAA eligibility guidelines.

• Child-only short-term policies will still be available year around which can provide coverage for up to 12 months with four consecutive 3-month policies. Each short-term policy is subject to pre-existing condition exclusions.

• Most employer-based plans also include options to add children onto subscribers’ policies.

• Eligibility in the Federal Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan may also be an option. More information regarding this plan can be found online at

BlueCross no longer accepts applications for policies where the primary applicant is under age 19.

BlueCross was the last insurance company remaining in Tennessee that was issuing child-only policies and we could not accept all of the risk for this group. To continue to be the only carrier doing so would negatively impact our ability to help other Tennesseans get the health care they need.

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