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Blueaccess FAQs

System Requirements

What browsers are fully supported by the secure web site?

Fully supported browsers for the secure part of the web site include Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and recent versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Chrome & Safari 3.1 will let you register for our site; however, it is not fully supported. Once you get logged in, there are features that won’t be available with Safari, Chrome and other WebKit-based browsers

What is 128-bit encryption?

To protect you and our members’ personal health information, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee requires a browser with 128-bit encryption strength in order to access the secure parts of our site. BCBST is serious about protecting our members’ privacy, and this level of encryption is an industry standard for the type of information we are exchanging.

How can I tell if I have a 128-bit encryption browser version?

There should be information in your browser that tells you. Refer to your browsers “Help” section or home web site for details.

How do I get 128-bit encryption?

If you choose to upgrade your current browser, you can find patches or updated browser versions with 128-bit encryption on the home web site of your current browser supplier.


Trying to register and getting message that “Subscriber cannot be found”

Make sure you are entering your non-social, 9-digit ID number found on your ID card. Sometimes, your date of birth doesn’t match what we have on file. Also, try clicking on the calendar and choosing your date of birth instead of typing it in. If you do type it in, make sure you are using the format of mm/dd/yyyy. You can call 1-800-924-7141 and verify your information we have on file.

I’m a Blue Advantage Member, can I register online?

Yes, you can register with BlueAccess; however, you will have to request a PIN number first. Click here to request a PIN number.

Where can I get a group key number?

A group key number is not required for registering online. After you click on Register, chose Member. The enrolling member link is for groups that allow their employees to enroll online.

Can FEP members register online?

The BlueAccess Web site is not for the Federal Employees Program(FEP).   You will need to go to the following link to access your health insurance information.

https://www.fepblue.org/pilot/login offsite link

I’m an Out-of-State provider; can I register online?

In order for an out-of-state provider to access BlueAccess, we do require that you have a BCBS of Tennessee provider number. You can contact our Provider Network department @ 1-800-924-7141 and they can verify if you already have a BCBST provider number.

Can Tenncare Select/BlueCare members register online?

At this time, our Web site is only available to BCBST commercial policy subscribers.

I just registered as a Provider and now can’t access eHealth Services.

Once you get signed into BlueAccess, you will need to request a shared secret number. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Request Shared Secret. Here you will enter how many providers you need access to. If you have more than 30 providers, you will request a reference number. If you have less than 30 providers, you will request a shared secret number for each provider that you need access to. You will receive the shared secret letter via US Mail within 3-5 business days.

Trying to request a Group PIN number and getting message “A PIN has previously been requested”.

Only one PIN number can be assigned per group. You will need to contact your Account Manager for this information. Due to Security guidelines, we are unable to send the PIN number via email.

I received my shared secret number, now what do I do?

Once you receive your shared secret letter, you will need to log back into BlueAccess and scroll down towards the bottom of the page. Click on Update Permissions. Here you will enter your provider number, Tax ID and the shared secret number on the letter. If you received a reference number, you will enter the reference number in the provider number field, then in the Tax ID field, you will enter 999999999 and then the shared secret number on the letter.


I can’t remember my User name to log in?

You can use the Contact Us link so that we can look up your username for you.

My account shows I’m locked out?

Will need to use the Contact Us link and provide your username. Your account will be unlocked within 48 hours.

I forgot my password, now what do I do?

You can click on the Forgot Password link and it will allow you to create a new password.

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In BlueCard section and checking claim status; it doesn’t put the cursor in the Dollar amount field?

This is a known issue on our Web site. Even though it doesn’t tab down to the dollar amount field and you can’t see your cursor; you can click in the field and it will allow you to type in the dollar amount.

Broker is trying to print temporary ID Cards and just keeps saying, “Please wait” and never opens.

This happens when a broker has access to a large amount of groups. The Web page is timing out when trying to load the groups. This is an issue that is currently being worked on by our Web team.

Blue Advantage member logs in and only sees Personal Health Manager, Why?

At this time, Blue Advantage members do not have the same access as our commercial policies.

Updated on 3/20/07 - Medicare Advantage members should now be able to access eHealth, EOBs etc under BlueAccess.

Received email that I have an EOB online; but when I log in, no EOB?

Log into your BlueAccess account from the www.bcbst.com Web site. Click on View/Print EOB. Choose a large date range--for instance January 2006 to present. Once the results are displayed, click on the EOB Date header until it is sorted chronologically descending. The EOB on the top (or close to the top, if one has processed since the email was sent) should be the EOB that was referenced in the Advance EOB notice. At this time, we have identified a problem with the Advance EOB notices in that they search for the EOB in question using the default date of service ranges for BlueAccess--currently December 2006 to present. This causes the search to return no results if the date services were provided precede December.

Keeps receiving a pop-up box asking if I want to display the non-secure items. Why does this keep coming up?

Some users experience a problem where a security popup is displayed on every page that states: "This page contains both secure and non-secure items. Do you want to display the non-secure items?"

To turn this off, take the following steps:

  • Choose "Tools" from the main menu (at the top of the IE window).
  • Click on "Internet Options", and the "Internet Options" window will appear.
  • Click the "Security" tab, and then click the "Custom Level" button.
  • Under "Miscellaneous" section, look for "Display Mixed Content", and change the value to "Disable".

Restart your browser

Trying to print an EOB and getting error message, “Unable to start print job”.

This is a problem within Adobe Acrobat Reader. When you have Adobe Reader 6.0 installed on your workstation and try to print a PDF report or document, the document will not print. The following message displays:

Could not start print job

The problem occurs with Adobe Reader 6.0, but does not occur with Adobe Reader 7.0.

Download and install the latest English version of Adobe Reader to solve the problem.

to solve the problem.


Try one of the options below to work around the problem until you can get the latest version of Adobe Reader installed.

  • Print reports in the HTML format instead of PDF.

Instead of trying to print directly from Adobe Reader 6.0, click the Adobe Reader save button (floppy disk icon on the Reader toolbar) to save a copy of the PDF file to your hard drive. You can then open the saved file and successfully print the PDF by clicking File > Print.

When I click on my EOB, I get a blank white page with a red X on it?

This is a problem within Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If the Adobe Acrobat viewer doesn't display PDF files inside your Web browser as expected, try to upgrade to the latest version of the Acrobat viewer. Some PDF's use security features that may not run in older versions.  Click here for a workaround instead of upgrading to the latest version.

Trying to view/print EOB and nothing there; just the headings.

This error happens when the user is on a MAC and is a problem with the Safari browser, it isn’t fully supported by our Web site.  You will need to use either Netscape or Firefox in order to access all areas of our Web site.

Log in as a Provider and clicking on Commercial to check claim status and /or eligibility and get blank screen with white/blue screen.

This is a problem with your internet options.  On your toolbar, click on Tools, Internet Options.  In the middle of the General tab, you need to click on Delete Cookies, and then ok.  Once this is complete, click on Delete Files, then ok.  Once this is complete, click on the Security Tab.  Highlight Trusted sites, and then click the Sites button.  In the “Add this Web site to the zone:” field, type https://*.bcbst.com, then click Add.  Click ok, then ok again.  Close your browser and try again.

Log in and get message that I have been successfully logged off.

This is a problem with your internet options.  On your toolbar, click on Tools, Internet Options.  In the middle of the General tab, you need to click on Delete Cookies, and then ok.  Once this is complete, click on Delete Files, then ok.  Once this is complete, click on the Security Tab.  Highlight Trusted sites, and then click the Sites button.  In the “Add this Web site to the zone:” field, type https://*.bcbst.com, then click Add.  Click ok, then ok again.  Close your browser and try again.

Trying to click on EOB or a link on the Web site and nothing happens.

Make sure your Web browser doesn’t have a pop-up blocker.  One way to test this; is to hold the Ctrl button down before you click on the link.  If it opens, then you have a pop-up blocker enabled and you will need to disable this before you log into our Web site.