It's a New Day in Health Care.

Pre-existing condition? You can get coverage.

It's a New Day in Health Care.

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Good News About Pre-Existing Conditions

Health Insurance Coverage is Guaranteed – Even if You Have a Health Problem

Some people don't have health insurance because of an existing health problem (pre-existing condition).

Since January 1, 2014, health insurance plans must include certain essential health benefits and 100 percent coverage for preventive care & screenings when you use an in-network provider. And this is true even if you have a pre-existing condition. And insurance companies can't charge different premiums because of your health.

What if I Can't Afford to Purchase Health Insurance?

In addition to no longer allowing annual and lifetime benefit limits, the health care law provides new ways for you to get a break on the costs of coverage. 
Costs of Insurance


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Major Life Change?

But you could still qualify for affordable coverage if you’ve had a life event. These events include marriage, a new child, moving to a new area, losing coverage through your job, and other life changes. See if you qualify!

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