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When you start comparing health insurance plans, it’s important to decide how much coverage you want – and how much you can spend for it each month.

Understand the Costs of Insurance

Before you compare health insurance plans, make sure you know and understand the costs of health insurance.


1. Set Your Budget

Just like shopping for anything else, the first thing to consider before shopping for health insurance is your budget.

  • How much can you spend each month for a premium?
  • How much can you pay out of pocket when you get care?

You have health insurance because you never know when you are going to get sick or hurt and need care. Of course, your health is just as unique as you are, so your health care needs are different, too. Here are some things to think about before you purchase your health insurance plan. Download Checklist (pdf)

2. Decide How Much Coverage You Need

Once you know your health insurance budget, you need to think about how much coverage you need. Remember, certain care and services are covered at 100 percent when you use an in-network doctor.

3. Start Shopping

Open Enrollment closed on March 31. But if you’ve had a life event — such as a marriage, a new child, a move to a new area or you lost coverage through your job — you could still qualify for affordable coverage.

What types of plans will be sold through the Marketplace?

  • What type of plans will be sold through the Marketplace?

    What type of plans will be sold through the Marketplace?


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    Major Life Change?

    But you could still qualify for affordable coverage if you’ve had a life event. These events include marriage, a new child, moving to a new area, losing coverage through your job, and other life changes. See if you qualify!

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