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Types of Health Insurance Plans: Choosing a Plan

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When shopping for a Marketplace plan, you'll notice that all plans – including BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee plans – have different “metal” levels that give you a general idea of how much coverage the plan provides. Please remember, Open Enrollment closed on March 31. But if you’ve had a life event — such as a marriage, a new child, a move to a new area or you lost coverage through your job — you could still qualify for affordable coverage.

Since January 1, 2014, all plan levels cover the same types of care and services, like doctor visits and hospital stays. The difference is in how much you pay each month for your insurance (the premium) versus how much out-of-pocket expense you pay when you get care. Here's how it works:







        For example, choosing a Bronze plan will generally mean you'll have a lower premium cost, but when you get care, you'll pay more of the out-of-pocket expense. And if you choose a Platinum plan, the premium goes up, but your share of the expenses when you get care goes down.

        Understand the Costs of Insurance

        Before you compare health insurance plans, make sure you know and understand the costs of health insurance.

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        There are things you can – and should – do now, so you can confidently pick the health plan that’s best for you when you’re ready to shop.

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        This is an estimate for a 2014 plan and does not include any cost savings you may be eligible for from the federal government. Your actual rate will depend on information entered in your application for coverage.

        Shop Smart on the Marketplace

        Make sure you have all the information you need to choose the right health plan for you.

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        Major Life Change?

        But you could still qualify for affordable coverage if you’ve had a life event. These events include marriage, a new child, moving to a new area, losing coverage through your job, and other life changes. See if you qualify!

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        How Health Insurance Protects You

        Wondering why health insurance is important? You’re not alone. Learn how it protects you – and your wallet.

        Why Health Insurance Makes Sense

        Why Choose Blue?

        We've been there for Tennesseans since 1945 – and we'll be here for you, too.

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        Facts About the Healthcare Law

        Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about how the health care law impacts you.

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