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Millions of People are Getting Help Lowering the Cost of Their Plan

Did you know that 95 percent of Tennesseans who shop on the Marketplace for their own health insurance receive financial assistance to help lower the cost of their health plans? More than 10 million Americans received an advanced premium tax credit*, and you could be one of them this year.

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Get Help Lowering Your Costs

Tennesseans who qualify for financial assistance receive an average of $903 a month to apply toward their premiums. Use this Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator to find out if you qualify.


See Who Qualifies

Depending on your family size and annual income, you could get help with paying for your monthly premium or other health care costs through the Marketplace. Check out the chart below to see if you might qualify.

Do I Qualify for the Tax Credit?

Eligibility to receive the tax credit depends on income and family size. It is available to a wide range of income levels.

Who's eligible for a tax credit?

INDIVIDUAL $12,060 - $48,240
FAMILY OF 2 $16,240 - $64,960
FAMILY OF 3 $20,420 - $81,680
FAMILY OF 4 $24,600 - $98,400
FAMILY OF 5 $28,780 - $115,120
FAMILY OF 6 $32,960 - $131,840

Do I Qualify for Cost Sharing Reductions?

If you enroll in a qualifying Silver-level plan on the Marketplace, you may be eligible for cost sharing reductions that help lower your out-of-pocket costs, like your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. Alaska Natives and American Indians may be eligible for even more help.

Who qualifies for cost-sharing reductions?

INDIVIDUAL $12,060 - $30,150
FAMILY OF 2 $16,240 - $40,600
FAMILY OF 3 $20,420 - $51,050
FAMILY OF 4 $24,600 - $61,500
FAMILY OF 5 $28,780 - $71,950
FAMILY OF 6 $32,960 - $82,400

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