Cameron Hill is surrounded by Chattanooga’s natural beauty offering views of the Tennessee River and area mountains.

Employees at BCBST benefit from an under-floor air distribution system that provides higher indoor air quality, individual temperature control and reduced energy consumption.

The courtyard provides an appealing gathering and meeting place for employees.

Our landscaping includes a community garden adjacent to the Visitor’s Center.

The streambed located in the Great Lawn collects storm water that drains from the roofs of the buildings. A retention pond at the end of the lawn holds the runoff to prevent it from flowing directly into the city’s storm water system and local watersheds.

Employees enjoy a variety of exercise classes and equipment in our Fitness Center

Our Nutrition Center offers employees a variety of delicious, healthy food options. Our corporate campus is Gold LEED certified.

Our gas/electric hybrid shuttle provides employees quick access to downtown. It is nearly twice as efficient as a standard gas-only shuttle.

Green roofs reduce reflected heat and sunlight and are almost three times as durable as conventional rooftops.  

The walking path is 2/3 of a mile and loops around the campus so employees can enjoy exercise on their breaks.

Special parking is provided for employees who drive LEVs to help promote a cleaner atmosphere.  


Bike racks are available for employees who choose to ride their bicycles to work.