Lauren's PersonalBlue

  • Lauren – 35-year-old healthy female (non-smoker)
  • PPO – $7,500 deductibleNetwork P
  • Deductible/coinsurance office visit
  • Prescription drugs covered at 50%
  • 100% coverage for wellness visits
  • Monthly premium: $79.36

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Hey, I'm Lauren. My friends give me a hard time because I watch every penny. Yes, I clip coupons every Sunday…but I'm saving for a down payment on my first home! Like I said, I know I need health insurance, but I don't want to pay a small fortune for it. I have a good amount in savings, so I chose a plan with a really high deductible – $7,500 – to keep my monthly payments as low as possible. Typically I only go to the doctor for annual checkups, which are 100% covered. I kept my costs down – without a coupon – by choosing the deductible/coinsurance option for office visits. I may pay a little more up front if I do need medical care, but I'm willing to do that to keep my premium low.


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