The Martins' PersonalBlue Plan

  • Mike – 38-year-old healthy male (non-smoker)
  • Allison – 34-year-old healthy female (non-smoker)
  • Samantha – 8-year-old female
  • PPO – $3,500 deductible ($10,500 family deductible) – Network P
  • $8, $35 or $60 prescription drug copay with $500 brand deductible
  • 100% coverage for wellness visits
  • Monthly premium: $392.08

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PersonalBlue plan?
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Hi, we're the Martin family. We both work for small companies that don't offer health insurance, so we needed a plan that would take care of our family and not blow our budget. Our PersonalBlue plan helps us plan ahead – we know it costs $35 to see the doctor. We love the fact that our $35 payment covers our time with the doctor and the costs for any lab work or tests run during that visit. No surprises! We kept our plan affordable by picking one with a $500 brand name drug deductible. If we need prescriptions, we're comfortable using generic drugs. We also chose a plan that limits each of us to four doctors visits a year.


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