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Monthly premiums vary depending on age, tobacco use and Body Mass Index (BMI), which is the ratio between height and weight.

Monthly premiums for CoverTN are split three ways between the state, employer and employee. In situations of self-employed or individual enrollment, the state pays one-third of the premium while the member pays the remaining two-thirds.

Employees of Participating Employers

In a group plan, employers pay one-third of the monthly premium and the employer or employee pays the final third.

CoverTN plans are portable so that an employee may continue coverage even after leaving a job. In these cases, however, the employee would be responsible for two-thirds of the monthly premium and the state would continue to contribute one-third.

Employees of qualified groups who work in Tennessee but live in states bordering Tennessee are also eligible for CoverTN coverage. The only difference is that the employer or employee must pay the State’s portion of the monthly premium. These employees must also visit network providers within the State of Tennessee to receive benefits.

Spouses of employees are also eligible for coverage, however, the employee or the employer are required to pay the spouse's premium. The State will still cover one-third.

Self-employed, employees of non-participating employers, and those in between jobs or working reduced hours
The state contributes one-third toward all monthly premiums. However, employees of non-participating employers, self-employed individuals, and individuals who have had their hours reduced or are in between jobs must pay the remaining two-thirds of the premium.

The state pays one-third of the monthly premiums for spouses of all members, except for those of members who work for county governments or live in bordering states.  Employers are not responsible for covering one-third of the spouse’s premium, but may do so if they choose.

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