Brad's PersonalBlue Plan

  • Brad – 19-year-old healthy male (non-smoker)
  • PPO – $5,000 deductibleNetwork S
  • Deductible/coinsurance office visit
  • $8, $35 or $60 prescription drug copay with $500 brand deductible
  • 100% coverage for wellness visits
  • Monthly premium: $57.84

Get the skinny on Brad's
PersonalBlue plan.


Yep, my parents still worry about me, even though I'm a sophomore in college. That's cool though and I really shouldn't complain. They helped me find the perfect health insurance plan for me…and they're paying for it! My PersonalBlue plan helps my parents chill. They know I'm covered in case anything unexpected comes up. And I like it because my generic prescription drugs only cost $8. Pretty sweet deal when you're on a college budget! We kept the monthly payment low by choosing a plan with a deductible/coinsurance option for doctor's visits.


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