Marie's PersonalBlue Plan

  • Marie – 62-year-old healthy female (non-smoker)
  • HSA compatible HDHP – $5,000 deductibleNetwork P
  • Coinsurance office visit
  • 100% coverage for wellness visits
  • Monthly premium: $227.06

Learn about the type of plan that offers
the great tax savings Marie enjoys.


Hello, I'm Marie. I've worked hard all my life and I'm looking forward to spending more time with my grandchildren. Having recently retired, I needed a health insurance plan to help me feel secure until my Medicare benefits kick in. I also wanted to take advantage of the tax savings that come along with opening a health savings account. My PersonalBlue plan helps me keep my retirement savings in my savings account! I can't afford an expensive monthly premium, so I chose a high-deductible health plan. I see the doctor once or twice a year and I take some prescription drugs, but it's better for me to have a lower monthly bill.


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