Optional Coverage

Optional Coverage – Maternity

If you are thinking about starting a family, consider purchasing optional maternity coverage, also called a benefit rider. The additional benefit covers prenatal care, delivery services and routine newborn nursery care at the hospital.

10-Month Waiting Period

You must wait 10 months from the start date (or effective date) of the policy before any maternity benefits will be paid. If your delivery date occurs after your 10-month waiting period has passed, any charges billed as part of the global maternity bill on your delivery date will be paid. Benefits will not be paid for services billed separately and received during your 10-month waiting period.

Maternity coverage is only offered when you initially enroll in a medical plan, or if you have a qualifying event such as marriage or loss of employer-sponsored coverage. You can drop your maternity coverage any time without impacting your health coverage. Keep in mind, once you drop maternity coverage, you can't add it back unless you have a qualifying event.


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