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Need Help Making a Health Decision?

Every day, you make health choices. Whether it’s about the food you eat or getting medical care for yourself or a loved one, making the right health choices can be hard. We can help. With these resources, you can get the help you need to handle health issues, understand symptoms and learn about the health topics that matter to you most.


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Decision Support Tool

Making smarter health decisions can help you save money and get better quality care. Find out about tests you might need and questions to ask your doctor.

What to Know Before Seeing the Doctor


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Symptom Checker

Not feeling great? Now you can find out what your symptoms mean and what you should do with our easy to use symptom checker.

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Health From A-Z

Explore health topics and medical conditions using the health topics library. Search by entering a topic in the search bar or browse alphabetically.

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Wellness Tips

Read these articles to learn more about nutrition, discover new recipes and get fitness and exercise tips. Not only can getting and staying healthy reduce the time you spend in doctors' offices, it may save you money, too! Plus, you're likely to just feel a lot better.

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Video Library

From Anxiety to Asthma, Vertigo to Vision Problems - find over a hundred helpful videos to address your health questions.

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Quality and Preventive Care

Find out about the quality care you should receive and expect, no matter your age, sex or medical condition.

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Learn About Medications

Get the information you need to make smart choices about medications. Start by entering the medication by name or browse alphabetically.

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Get Info on Tests & Procedures

From blood tests to MRIs – get helpful information to prepare for your next appointment. Search by entering the test/procedure or browse alphabetically.

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