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    Preventive Medications

    It's far better to prevent poor health upfront than to try to stem the effects once you have developed a disease or condition. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this or makes it a priority. Obviously, eating well and exercising regularly are preventive measures you can take, but there are other things you can do to lower your risk for certain diseases.

    Some medications are among the preventive health measures that may reduce your health risks. These are common preventive medications:

    • Daily, low-dose aspirin prevents heart attacks in men and strokes in women. Because there are risks involved, daily aspirin should be taken only under the direction of a healthcare professional.
    • Folic acid prevents certain common birth defects. All women capable of being pregnant should get enough of this vitamin as a supplement, or from foods, including dark green leafy vegetables, beans, and grains.
    • Vaccinations can help prevent a range of diseases like measles, influenza, meningitis, and more.

    Ask your healthcare professional about your risks and the preventive medications you should be taking.


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