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Making Health Care More Affordable

As the cost of medical care and prescription drugs continues to rise, so do the concerns of people and businesses challenged with keeping pace. Many things contribute to higher health care costs, including:

  • Increased use of costly technology, including high-tech imaging such as MRIs
  • Rising cost of prescription drugs, and number of drugs prescribed
  • Greater use of the health care system overall
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices - such as obesity and smoking - that create additional health issues and added costs for individuals and their families.

As consumers, it's important to make the right, informed decisions about the type of care needed and received. Value, treatment options, cost and results are key factors to consider before purchasing medical services and medications.

Facts About Today's Costs

What's driving up today's health care costs? Information is key to understanding why health care costs are rising. Find out how consumer behavior, lifestyle choices, and technology factors affect your costs.


Managing the Premium Dollar

The United States spends more on health care than any other country, and Tennessee spends more than most other states. Where does the money go? See how the premium dollar is being spent in Tennessee.


The High Cost of High-Tech

Diagnostic imaging is one of the fastest growing segments of medical cost, at nearly 15 percent of total spending. In Tennessee and nationwide, high-tech imaging procedures are driving up costs



What is BlueAccess?
BlueAccess enables you to view up-to-date policy and claim information in a secure online environment.

Use Your Health Tools

Easy-to-use tools on this site help you check medical costs and quality, compare drug costs, and identify generics and brand drugs that save you money.


Read the Research

A special series of white paper reports by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee takes an in-depth look at the drivers of rising health care costs in our state.