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Make exercise a family event

Make exercise a family event

Physical activity is beneficial for everyone, including kids. If healthy lifestyle choices, such as good nutrition and exercise, are introduced early in life, children may be able to keep obesity at bay.  There is no one solution to the childhood obesity problem. But a good start for school-age children is the WalkingWorks for Schools off-site link program.

WalkingWorks for Schools is an in-school walking program created to teach Tennessee kids grades K-5 the benefits of proper exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle and to curb the growing trend of childhood obesity. Students walk (with their teachers) at least five minutes each school day for 12 weeks each semester. By the end of the semester, they will have walked about 15 miles!

BlueCross WalkingWorks for Schools measures walking in minutes -- not steps ordistance. Walking requires only a pair of comfortable shoes, a place to walk and a few minutes each day. If a child is unable to walk, his or her presence with the class is considered participation.

Here’s how you can help

Ask your school to incorporate this program into their lesson plans. Once your child’s school is registered, you can help your child by:

  • Supporting your child's active participation. Encourage daily walking.
  • Taking walks together at home.
  • Track your time spent walking with a home walking log.
  • Walking as a daily routine and learning more about nutrition

Research shows that physical activity at school may help enhance learning readiness, increase concentration and reduce disruptive behaviors. Plus, your child can share his walking journeys with BC Bear, our friendly animated mascot. Encourage your child to play along with BC Bear on his Walking Adventure off-site link. Together, spread the word that being active is a great way to reach better health.