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Schedule well visits and shots

Schedule well visits and shots

Well-child visits can be frequent for infants and young children in order to complete immunizations against many dangerous childhood diseases, and to monitor growth and development. Because even though your child may look healthy, your child could still have a health problem.

While every provider may have a different approach to routine check-ups, here’s what you may expect the doctor or medical provider to do during a well-visit:

Birth to age 18

  • perform a complete unclothed physical exam
  • give immunizations to prevent disease
  • measure height and weight
  • check vision
  • check hearing
  • look for dental problems
  • check developmental progress

Be sure that your child is protected against preventable diseases by following the timetable for getting their shots. Review the schedule for recommended childhood and adolescent immunization.


Page Modified:May 18, 2012