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Demand Generics

Demand Generics and Save

Is the drug you take available as a generic? If it is, choosing the generic instead can help hold down costs for you and everyone in your health plan. In fact, using available generics could save Tennesseans more than $500 million in drug costs each year.

Generic drugs are safe, effective and affordable. They are made with the same active ingredients and produce the same clinical effects as their brand-name equivalents.

They're even tested to make sure their absorption amounts are the same as their brand-name counterparts.

The difference? Just the name and the price - and generics cost less.

The Facts About Generics

The American Medical Association endorses generics. Most hospitals use them to treat patients. Find out why generics are the smart, easy choice for safety, effectiveness and cost savings.


Prescription Drug Costs

If you think the average prescription costs $25 to $50, think again. It's not uncommon for brand-name drugs to cost $200, $400, even $1,000 a month. As costs continue to rise, the choices you make, make a difference.


Brand vs. Generic Costs

Drug companies spend billions of dollars each year to get you and other consumers to buy their brand-name drugs. Are you spending more than you need to? Choosing generic drugs can cut your costs.



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Check your pharmacy benefits

If you have prescription drug benefits, you can check your coverage, order prescriptions online and more through Caremark, the pharmacy benefits manager for BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.

Use Your Health Tools

Easy-to-use tools on this site help you find a network pharmacy, compare drug costs, and identify generics and brand drugs that save you money.
Page Modified:May 18, 2012