Plan Basics

Your guide to Blue benefits

Wish you knew more about health plan coverage? Here's a great starting point. Whether you have group or individual coverage, basic information about our health plans give you an important start on understanding:

  • how your plan works
  • how to make the most of your benefits, and
  • where to turn if you have questions.

Not all plans are alike. As you learn more about the types of coverage and services available, check your particular group or individual plan details to see how - or if -- this information applies to you.

The best way to learn what your plan covers, and how your coverage works, is to read your Evidence of Coverage, contract, or handbook that you receive when you first sign up.

All about networks

Every BlueCross plan has a specific provider network -- and pharmacy or dental network, too, if you have that type of coverage. Find out how to use your network to save money. Then see how to use the nationwide, worldwide BlueCard program for care when traveling away from home.

Making the most of your benefits

Putting better health at the center of all we do means helping you get healthy and stay healthy. BlueCross has important health tools, information and services that promote better physical - and financial - health for you and your family. Find out how to make the most of the benefits and services your coverage may include.

Health care 101

Health care can be complex - but we can help. Whether it's medical terms or health plan language, it helps to know basic definitions, descriptions and explanations so you'll understand your coverage and your care. Use these helpful glossary terms, tips and FAQs.

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Find a Doctor

Assess Your Health

Wondering just how healthy you are and what you can do to become healthier? The Personal Health Assessment will help you find the answers.