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Facial Thread Lift

Intermediate Value

A facial thread lift is an alternative to the traditional facelift. It is a cosmetic procedure done in an office, performed under local anesthesia. It is designed to elevate sagging skin by using surgical barbed thread or sutures to lift the tissue. After local anesthesia is provided, small incisions (less than ¼ inch) are made. This allows the surgeon to insert a needle to guide the thread and then anchor it under the skin. The surgeon then gently moves the loose skin over the barbed sutures until the skin is tight.

Things to Consider

  • A facial thread lift, which is a cosmetic procedure, can provide many of the benefits of a traditional facelift with fewer risks.
  • A facial thread lift can be performed in an office setting in approximately an hour.
  • A facial thread lift is not permanent. The results last only two to three years.


Intermediate Value

Will I live longer if I have a facial thread lift?

No. There is no scientific evidence to indicate that having a facial thread lift increases your life span.

Will a facial thread lift improve my quality of life?

While scientific evidence has not confirmed that a facial thread lift improves one’s quality of life, some individuals claim that the results contribute to an improved sense of self worth.

Does a facial thread lift improve my appearance?

A facial thread lift does lift and tighten cheeks, the mid-face, jowls or eyebrows. It is important to know that the results last about two to three years.


Intermediate Value

It is important to seek the services of a qualified, experienced, accredited professional medical practitioner such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. A facial thread lift is a comparatively safe procedure with low risk for complications. After the procedure, individuals should apply ice for the first 24-48 hours, and avoid exaggerated facial expressions for the first week. It is also advised to be careful while sleeping during the first week to reduce the risk of pulling on the threads.

Minor reported complications:

  • Bleeding, bruising or swelling
  • Puckering or skin irregularities
  • Feeling or seeing the threads
  • Noticing lop-sidedness in facial features

Major reported complications:

  • Infection


Intermediate Value

Alternative treatments include:

  • A conventional facelift, which is a major surgery requiring anesthesia
  • Other minimally invasive procedures such as fillers and peels
  • Other more invasive procedures such as neck liposuction or eyelid lift


Intermediate Value

The average cost in the United States is $300 to $500 per thread. The number of threads can range from three or four to as many as 10 or 12 or more depending on the number of areas to be lifted. Generally the total cost range is from $2,000 to $8,000.

The cost may or may not be covered by your health benefits plan.


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