Introducing Our New Find a Doctor Tool

Find Doctors, Hospitals, Dentists and Pharmacies

Introducing Our New Find a Doctor Tool

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Our new Find a Doctor tool allows you to locate doctors, hospitals, dentists and pharmacies and offers new ways to locate in-network providers and facilities near you.

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Helpful tips when using our new Find a Doctor tool:

  • Looking for a specific doctor or facility?  Just type in that name and click enter.  
  • If you aren't sure who you're looking for, simply begin typing a specialty or a keyword related to that specialty and we will auto suggest options. Be sure to select specialties from the auto suggest drop-down list to return the most results.  (Keywords will return options for related specialty.)
  • Need a little help?  Use the large buttons for a guided search of the most common categories 

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  • Staying in network saves you money - login to automatically get search results in your Blue network 
  • Not a member yet?  Select a network from the "All Networks" list
  • Check the doctor's profile to make sure they accept your network

For more assistance with our Find a Doctor tool, please contact us.

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