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Did you know generic and brand name drugs have the same active ingredients, in the same dose and form? The significant difference between them is the price. Brand-name drugs are more expensive. In fact, the use of generics is a valuable way to reduce overall prescription drug costs without sacrificing quality. Check out our Pharmacy Plan FAQs for to learn more.

We all know that health care costs are rising and we want to save money whenever we can. With the Drug Cost Estimator tool you can compare the cost of brand name drugs versus generic prescription drugs. You may be able to find money-saving alternatives to the drugs that you already take, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

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The Drug Cost Estimator is designed for those of you who have your pharmacy/prescription insurance through BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. If your prescription drug insurance is provided by another company, this tool will not provide an accurate representation of the true costs of your prescription drugs.


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