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9555 Urinary Incontinence 
9557 Urinary Infections: Prevention 
9556 Urinary Tract Infections 
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9566 Breast Pain 
9565 Self Breast Examination 
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Cervix, Ovaries, Uterus, Vagina
9506 Cystocele 
9550 Mid-Cycle Pain 
9505 Prolapse Of The Female Organs 
9549 Prolapse Of The Uterus 
9507 Rectocele 
9545 The Abnormal Pap Smear 
9548 The Tipped Uterus 
9540 Vaginal Discharge 
9541 Yeast Infections 
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9520 Birth Control: General Concepts 
9529 Birth Control For Women Over 40 
9525 Birth Control Pills: What If I Miss My Pill? 
9531 Emergency Contraception 
9527 IUD: Checking The String 
9528 Natural Family Planning 
9523 Preventing Pregnancy With Hormones 
9524 Starting Oral Contraceptives: The Pill 
9526 The IUD As A Birth Control Method 
9532 Tubal Ligation For Women (Sterilization) 
9521 Using A Condom 
9522 Using A Diaphragm
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General Information
9500 How To Prepare For A Gynecologic Office Visit
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Health Screening
9581 Osteoporosis Prevention 
9580 Screening For Breast Cancer
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9562 Estrogen Replacement Therapy : Should I Also Take Progestin? 
9560 Estrogen Replacement Therapy: The Facts 
9561 Estrogen Replacement Therapy: What To Expect
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9510 Heavy Menstrual Periods 
9512 Irregular Menstrual Periods 
9515 Never Had Menses 
9511 Painful Menstrual Periods 
9516 When Menses No Longer Come
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
9572 Chlamydia 
9573 Gonorrhea 
9571 Herpes 
9575 HPV (Genital Warts) 
9396 Living With HIV Infection (AIDS) 
9574 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 
9394 Preventing HIV Infection 
9570 Sexually Transmitted Diseases 
9576 Syphilis 
9393 Who Is At Risk For Getting HIV Infections?
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Special GYN Procedures
9587 Cone Biopsy Of The Cervix 
9588 Cryosurgery Or Freezing Treatments Of The Cervix 
9586 Endometrial Biopsy 
9589 Gynecologic Ultrasound Scans 
9592 Recovery From A D&C 
9590 Recovery From Laparoscopy 
9591 Recovery From Major Surgery 
9585 What Is Colposcopy?
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Women's Health Problems
9508 When Sex Is Painful
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Call 24 / Seven

  • Dial 1-800-656-8123 toll-free anytime from any touch-tone phone.
  • A voice message will answer your call. Press the 1 key to go to the Health Library.
  • Then press the four-digit code number that is listed next to the topic.
  • If you need help using the system, just enter 1-0-0-0 for directions.

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Page Modified:May 18, 2012