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9265 Physical Abuse 
9266 Sexual Abuse
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Accidents And Trauma
9259 Other Trauma During Pregnancy 
9258 What To Do If You Fall
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Advice About The Body
Abdomen And Pelvis 
9337 How Big Should My Abdomen Grow 
9335 Round Ligament Pain 
Arms, Legs, Hands, And Feet 
9355 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
9358 Leg Cramps 
9359 Leg Numbness 
9356 Swelling In The Hands And Feet 
9357 Varicose Veins 
Bladder And Kidneys 
9341 Urinary Frequency 
9340 Urinary Incontinence 
9342 Urinary Tract Infection 
Blood System 
9370 Anemia In Pregnancy 
9372 Hemoglobinopathies: Beta-Thalassemia 
9371 Heoglobinopathies: Sickle Cell Disease 
9328 Breast Changes During Pregnancy 
9325 Breast Pain 
9327 Finding A Maternity Bra 
9326 Nipple Discharge 
9435 Incompetent Cervix 
9300 Vision 
9299 Hair Care Products: Dyes And Permanents 
9298 Hair Loss 
9318 Heart Disease In Pregnancy 
9316 Heart Murmurs In Pregnancy 
9317 Palpitations Or Rapid Heart Beat 
Lungs And Breathing 
9320 Asthma In Pregnancy 
9321 Coughing 
9322 Mild Difficulty Breathing 
9323 Moderate Difficulty Breathing 
9311 Bleeding Gums 
9312 Seeing Your Dentist 
9313 Sore Throat 
9310 Taking Care Of Your Teeth 
9305 Nose Bleeds 
9294 Itching: With Rash 
9295 Itching: Without Rash 
9293 Rashes 
9292 Skin Care 
9291 Skin Color Changes 
9290 Stretch Marks 
Stomach And Bowels 
9331 Constipation 
9330 Diarrhea 
9333 Hemorrhoids 
9332 Indigestion And Heartburn 
9348 Shooting Pains In The Vagina 
9346 Vaginal Bleeding During Later Pregnancy 
9345 Vaginal Bleeding During The First Three To Four Months Of Pregnancy 
9347 Vaginal Discharge 
9349 Vaginal Itching 
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After Your Delivery
9447 Afterpains 
9416 After A Cesarean: Wound Care 
9417 After Cesarean Birth: General Suggestions 
9530 Birth Control While Breast-Feeding 
9439 Bleeding After The Delivery 
9423 Breast Care If Not Breast-Feeding 
9422 Breast Care While Breast-Feeding 
9415 Episiotomy Care 
9437 Follow-Up Care 
9419 Headaches After You Deliver 
9438 How Long Should I Stay In The Hospital 
9421 Nutrition And Diet While Breast-Feeding 
9424 Reasons Not To Breast-Feed 
9440 Return of Menstrual Periods 
9418 Sex After Pregnancy 
9420 Tubal Ligation (Sterilization) After Delivery 
9446 Urination After Delivery 
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9361 Allergy Medications 
9360 Hay Fever And Allergies
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Common Symptoms in Pregnancy
9284 Back Pain 
9285 Chest Pain 
9287 Dreams 
9286 Fainting And Dizziness 
9281 Headaches 
9282 Migraines 
9280 Morning Sickness 
9336 Pelvic Pressure 
9283 Sleeping Problems
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Drugs And Other Substances
9400 Alcohol 
9403 Amphetamines 
9406 Artificial Sweeteners 
9405 Caffeine 
9401 Cocaine And Crack 
9402 Substance Use: Opiates (Heroin And Other Narcotics) 
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General Information For Pregnancy
9449 Childbirth Classes 
9222 Choosing A Healthcare Provider For Pregnancy 
9217 Drinking Fluids During Pregnancy 
9216 Exercise During Pregnancy 
9218 Immunizations In Pregnancy 
9212 Insurance And Money Issues 
9223 Setting A Due Date 
9219 Sex In Pregnancy 
9220 What Is Informed Consent 
9224 When Should I Stop Working 
9221 Who Can Deliver Babies
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9433 Amniocentesis In Later Pregnancy 
9430 Blood Testing For Down Syndrome Risk In The Second Trimester 
9428 Blood Testing For Spina Bifida (Alpha-Fetoprotein) 
9434 Chorionic Villus Sampling 
9427 Cystic Fibrosis Testing 
9429 Down Syndrome: The Facts 
9432 Genetic Amniocentesis 
9426 Tay Sachs Disease 
9425 Testing For Genetic Abnormalities 
9431 Ultrasound 
9448 Vaginal Ultrasound
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9395 Preventing HIV Transmission To Your Baby
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9384 Bacterial Vaginosis 
9377 Chicken Pox 
9389 Chlamydia In Pregnancy 
9392 Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection 
9375 Fever 
9387 Gonorrhea In Pregnancy 
9378 Group B Streptococcus 
9390 Herpes 
9388 HPV: Genital Warts 
9379 Infections: Hepatitis A 
9380 Infections: Hepatitis B 
9381 Lyme Disease 
9441 Parvovirus Infection (Fifth Disease) 
9385 Sexually Transmitted Diseases: General Information 
9386 Syphilis In Pregnancy 
9376 The Common Cold 
9442 The Flu 
9382 Toxoplasmosis: Advice About Testing 
9383 Toxoplasmosis: Prevention 
9391 Trichomoniasis: Trichomonas Vaginal Infection 
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9398 Antibiotics 
9444 High Blood Pressure Mediations 
9443 Insulin Injections 
9399 Steroid Medication To Help The Baby's Lungs Mature 
9445 Thyroid Medications 
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Mental Health
9366 Depression After Pregnancy 
9365 Depression During Pregnancy 
9367 Mental Illness In Pregnancy
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Nutrition During Pregnancy
9231 Craving For Non-Food Items 
9237 Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia 
9235 Folic Acid 
9225 General Nutrition Advice 
9233 Iron During Pregnancy 
9228 Lactose Intolerance 
9230 Nutrition If You Are A Vegetarian 
9227 Nutrition While On Bed rest 
9236 Obesity And Pregnancy 
9232 Vitamins 
9234 Weight Gain Recommendations 
9229 What To Do About Calcium 
9226 What To Expect When You Visit A Dietician 
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Pain Relief For Childbirth
9450 Deciding About Pain Relief Methods 
9454 Epidural 
9453 Local Numbing Anesthesia 
9452 Narcotics 
9451 Prepared Childbirth
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Preparing For Pregnancy
9208 Birth Defects And Prevention 
9205 Diabetes Mellitus 
9436 Family Medical Problems 
9206 Gestational Diabetes 
9207 Hypertension 
9204 Mother Is 35 Years Or Older 
9200 Preparing For Pregnancy: No Medical Problems 
9203 Previous Birth Defect 
9201 Previous Miscarriage 
9202 Previous Premature Birth 
9210 Teenage Pregnancy 
9211 Thyroid Disease 
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Smoking And Pregnancy
9271 Smoking: Advice About Quitting 
9270 Smoking: The Facts
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Testing And Examinations
9213 Blood Test For Pregnancy 
9214 Home Pregnancy Testing 
9215 Medical Counseling During Pregnancy 
9209 Prenatal Care 
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The Baby
9410 Decreased Fetal Movement 
9414 Feeling The Baby Drop 
9411 Fetal Kick Counts 
9408 Large Baby 
9409 Small Baby 
9413 Types Of Baby Movements 
9412 When Should The Baby Move
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The Outdoors
9275 Stinging Insects 
9276 Tick Bites
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Travel During Pregnancy
9255 Foreign Travel 
9254 Taking a Boat Ride 
9250 Travel: General 
9251 When Traveling by Car 
9253 When Traveling by Plane 
9252 When Traveling by Train 

Your Environment and Pregnancy 
9240 Household Exposures 
9241 Medication Exposure 
9243 Painting in Pregnancy 
9242 Work Place Exposures

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