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Sick Children

Sick Children

8324 Asthma: How To Use Inhalers  
8325 Asthma: Treatment 
8326 Eye Allergies  
8327 Food Allergies  
8328 Hay Fever 
8329 Hives 
8330 Preventing Allergies 
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Bone, Joint, and Muscle
8430 Growing Pains 
8431 Leg Cramps
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Brain & Nervous System Problems
8440 Migraine Headaches 
8441 Tension Headaches 
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Digestive Problems
8400 Anal Fissure 
8401 Constipation: Children 
8402 Constipation: Infants 
8403 Diarrhea: Treatment For Bottle-Fed Infants 
8404 Diarrhea: Treatment For Breast-Fed Infants 
8405 Diarrhea: Treatment For Children Over 1 Year of Age  
8406 Excessive Gas 
8407 Stomachaches From Worrying  
8408 Vomiting: Treatment For Bottle-Fed Infants 
8409 Vomiting: Treatment For Breast-Fed Infants 
8410 Vomiting: Treatment For Children Over 1 Year Of Age
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Ear Problems
8350 Ear Congestion  
8351 Ear Infections: How to Tell  
8352 Ear Infections: Prevention  
8353 Ear Infections: Treatment  
8354 Ear Tubes: Who Needs Them  
8355 Ear Tubes: Swimming & Bathing  
8356 Ear Wax Problems  
8357 Pierced Ear Infections  
8358 Pulling at Ears  
8359 Swimmer's Ear
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Eye Problems
8340 Dark Circles Under the Eyes  
8341 Red or Pink Eyes  
8342 Something in the Eye
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8450 Fever: Definition  
8451 Fever: Phobia and Fever Myths  
8452 Fever: Infants and Toddlers  
8453 Fever: Treatment
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First Aid for Emergencies
8500 Burns 
8501 Choking: The Heimlich  
8502 Seizures With Fever  
8503 Seizures Without Fever (Epilepsy)
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Home Care Tips for Illnesses
8465 Bed rest 
8466 Calling Your Child's Health Provider  
8467 Getting Your Sick Child Back To Sleep  
8468 How Infections Are Spread  
8470 Judging The Severity Of Your Infant's Illness  
8471 Preventing Infections  
8472 Subtle Emergencies Not To Miss  
8473 Symptoms That Last Too Long  
8474 When To Keep Your Child Home From School Or Day Care  
8475 When To Send Your Child Back To School Or Day Care 
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8489 Bone And Muscle Injuries  
8490 Cuts And Scrapes  
8491 Finger Injuries  
8492 Head Injuries  
8493 Mouth Injuries  
8494 Puncture Wound 
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8480 Acetaminophen Dosage  
8481 Allergies: Benadryl Dosage  
8482 Ibuprofen Dosage  
8483 Medicines: Helping Children Swallow Pills  
8484 Medicines That Taste Bad: What To Do  
8486 Overuse Of Medicines  
8487 Safe Use Of Medicines  
8488 When Antibiotics Are Not The Answer
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Mouth & Throat Problems
8380 Canker Sores (Mouth Ulcers)  
8382 Sore Throats  
8383 Strep Throat  
8384 Toothache 
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Nose Problems
8370 Blocked-Up Nose: Infants  
8371 Colds: One Cold After Another  
8372 Colds: The Facts  
8373 Colds: Treatments  
8374 Colds: When To Worry  
8375 Nosebleeds  
8376 Sinus Congestion  
8377 Sinus Infections 
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Other Problems
8460 Altitude Or Mountain Sickness  
8461 Fatigue  
8462 Menstrual Cramps  
8463 Motion Sickness  
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Respiratory & Breathing Problems
8390 Breath holding Spells  
8391 Coughs  
8392 Croup  
8393 Influenza  
8394 Noisy Breathing: Why? 
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Skin Problems
8300 Acne  
8301 Athlete's Foot  
8302 Bee Stings  
8303 Bug Bites  
8304 Chickenpox  
8305 Dandruff  
8306 Fifth Disease  
8307 Frostbite  
8308 Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease  
8309 Lice  
8310 Lyme Disease  
8311 Poison Ivy Or Oak  
8312 Ringworm  
8313 Small, Localized Rash  
8314 Spider Bites  
8315 Sunburn: Treatment  
8316 Ticks: How To Remove Them  
8317 Warts  
8318 Wound Infections: Prevention
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Urinary Problems
8420 Frequent Urination  
8421 Urinary Tract Infections: Prevention  
8422 Urinary Tract Infections: Treatment
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  • Dial 1-800-656-8123 toll-free anytime from any touch-tone phone.
  • A voice message will answer your call. Press the 1 key to go to the Health Library.
  • Then press the four-digit code number that is listed next to the topic.
  • If you need help using the system, just enter 1-0-0-0 for directions.

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