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Better Health Can Equal Big Rewards

Quitting tobacco and losing weight can have a positive impact on the health of your employees. And on their wallets, since premium rates are more expensive for members who use tobacco and are overweight than for those who are tobacco-free and not overweight.

If any of your employees are thinking about kicking their smoking habit or ramping up their workout to lose weight (or if they have already done so), congratulate them! Members may submit a change form to report changes in their tobacco and BMI status year round.

Smoking status change

To be eligible to change to a non-smoking rate, members must send in a letter attesting to the fact of being tobacco-free for six months. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee does not require a letter from the doctor for this change. However, members may provide a letter showing a negative result for nicotine over the past six months. The State of Tennessee has the right to randomly audit these changes at their own discretion. If any of your employees have been enrolled for less than six months prior to CoverTN's open enrollment period in October, they have the opportunity to request a change on their one-year anniversary. Otherwise, the change request will need to be submitted during the next open enrollment period.

BMI status change

A change in weight will require a signed physician's statement stating the member has maintained their weight loss for six months. Remind your enrolled employees that they should always check with their doctor before increasing their activity.

Improving health can reduce premiums

We all know that saving money is good, especially in this tight economy. And saving money by improving your health and making smarter health care decisions – that's even better! For more information, call CoverTN Member Services toll-free at 1-888-887-3224 or (TDD/TTY) 1-866-591-2908.


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