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Other Insurance Coverage

Please note that members may still be able to keep CoverTN if they pick up certain other kinds of health insurance after becoming effective for CoverTN. However, they must let us know about any other coverage they may have. When members do this, they help us keep accurate records on them and pay their claims correctly and quickly. Delayed or missing information may affect the payment of their claims.

These are examples of types of policies that are NOT considered other coverage:

  • long-term care policies
  • cancer or disease-specific coverage
  • liability insurance (This includes medical payments in an auto policy.)
  • “fixed indemnity” (This type pays you a set dollar amount if certain events take place. For instance, a plan that pays you $250 for each day you spend in the hospital.)
  • nursing home coverage
  • accident or disability only coverage
  • some short-term policies

To let us know about other coverage, remind your enrolled employees to simply call Member Services toll-free at 1-888-887-3224 (TDD/TTY 1-866-591-2908). Upon notice, their CoverTN may continue as a secondary coverage until the expiration of any pre-existing condition waiting period on the other coverage.


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