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Second Quarter 2011

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What Your Pregnant Employees Should Know

If any of your enrolled employees become pregnant, please encourage them to enroll in HealthyTNBabies for their maternity benefits. CoverTN members MUST sign up for HealthyTNBabies instead of TennCare in order to keep CoverTN after their pregnancy. If they enroll in TennCare, the following will happen:

  • They will be disenrolled from CoverTN
  • They will be unable to re-enroll once their TennCare coverage ends, since CoverTN is now closed

The ONLY way your pregnant employees will be able to keep their CoverTN coverage after their baby is born is if they enroll in HealthyTNBabies for their maternity coverage instead of TennCare. Doing so will enable them to keep receiving health benefits from CoverTN during and after their pregnancy without any gap in coverage.

All CoverTN members who become pregnant are automatically eligible for HealthyTNBabies from the date they first receive services for their pregnancy through 60 days after the pregnancy has ended. They can stay on both CoverTN and HealthyTNBabies as long as they keep paying their CoverTN premium.

Other benefits of HealthyTNBabies

Expectant moms who join HealthyTNBabies:

  • Pay no deductible or monthly premium.
  • Get free support from registered nurses through the CaringStart Maternity Program (1-888-416-3025).
  • Have access to BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee's Network S hospitals and health care professionals who specialize in the care of pregnant women and delivery of babies.
  • Have access to Customer Service reps (1-866-620-8864) for questions before they apply.
  • Have access to Member Services reps (1-888-325-8386) for questions after they apply.

Applying is easy

This is all that your interested employees have to do:

  1. Visit to fill out and submit an online enrollment application. Or they may download and print the application so that they can fill it out and mail it to us. They may also call
    1-866-620-8864 to request any paperwork they need.
  2. Go to the same website to download and print a Pregnant Woman's Provider Statement. They will need to have their doctor fill this out to confirm their pregnancy.
  3. Mail the paper application (if your employee did not submit an online application) and statement to CoverKids, P.O. Box 182261, Chattanooga, TN, 37422-7261.

Please note that newborns of HealthyTNBabies members will need to have their own coverage. To get coverage, new moms will be responsible for notifying CoverKids as soon as their baby is born. Eligibility is not automatic. CoverKids will determine if their baby is eligible for TennCare or CoverKids, based on their income.

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