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Quick Quiz
How healthy are your family's habits? Take this test to see.

1. As a family, we exercise together…
a. Never. Don’t kids exercise in gym class?
b. A few minutes every other day.
c. 30 minutes every day.

2. I try to eat good foods as a role model for my children. I tend to eat…
a. A slice of apple pie after dinner. After all, it does have fruit in it.
b. A cup of vanilla ice cream while I watch the evening news.
c. fruit and low-fat yogurt when I snack.r

3. For lunch at school, my children eat…
a. Leftover pizza from dinner the night before.
b. Whatever they get from the cafeteria.
c. The sandwich and veggies we packed as a family the night before.

4. After school, my kids…
a. Jump right on the couch or computer to play video games.
b. Get their homework out of the way and play outside with the dogs for 15 minutes.
c. Go to soccer practice for an hour.

If you answered mainly “c,” congratulations! You’re on track to having a healthy family! If you chose “b” the most, you have an idea what good health is about but don’t always practice it in daily life. Mainly “a” answers? There’s a lot you can do to create healthier habits for your family.



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