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Well + Wise: Know Your Nutrition Facts
Nutrition is not only about eating the right foods; it is also about eating the right amount. Take charge of your diet by eating healthy, nutrient-filled foods and being aware of the calories, servings and size of the foods you eat.

Nutrition 101
Take this quick quiz to test your food-fact knowledge!

1. You’re parched and a friend hands you a 20-ounce soft drink. On the side, you see “Calories 100,” feel better and finish it off. How many calories have you just consumed?
a. 100, of course, because that’s what it said on the label.
b. 150, because it has extra cherry flavoring added.
c. 250, because you forgot to consider the serving size.

The answer is c. What looks like a “single serving” container is often meant to serve more. You have to check servings per container too – in this case, 2.5 servings with 100 calories each. What to do? Share with friends or save a portion or two for later.

2. You’re at a restaurant and order spaghetti. Planning to skip dessert, you clean your plate. How many calories have you just consumed?
a. No idea, because they don’t print calories on a menu.
b. Probably about 300, because it was an average-size plate.
c. About 1,000, because that’s the size portion restaurants typically serve.

The answer is c (and a. because of course the restaurant doesn’t want to print that on the menu). Like larger packaging trends and super-sizing, restaurants have also increased their portion sizes. What to do? Order a dinner plate and split it, ask for smaller portions or take the leftovers home.


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