Points and Prizes — It’s This Easy!

Connect with a Lifestyle Coach and you’ll get:




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Win Reward Points and Prizes When You Connect With Your Personal Lifestyle Coach by Nov. 30!

A million excuses for neglecting your health? Not anymore. Now we’re making it easy for you to reach your better health goals — and win points and prizes along the way — with the help of a personal Lifestyle Coach.

A Personal Coach – Free to You
Your Lifestyle Coach is available free to you as part of your Healthy Focus program from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. Each coach is a trained health care professional – a registered nurse, dietitian, respiratory therapist or fitness expert – who can help you make the healthy changes you need so that you can:
• Lower your daily stress levels
• Stop smoking
• Lose weight
• Increase your fitness levels
• Control your high cholesterol or blood pressure
• Make positive changes in your overall health and wellness

Live the Healthy Life You Deserve

Working with your Lifestyle Coach by phone or online gives you the one-on-one focus you need to make better health your top priority. So don’t let your busy schedule, hectic workday or fast-paced family life keep you from living the healthy life you deserve. E-mail a coach now for confidential guidance and support – and turn your healthy activities into points and prizes, including a spa vacation!