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Meet Lara - Personal Lifestyle Coach

Quick Facts
Nashville, Tenn.
Years in the fitness industry:
Master’s degree in health education from Florida International University
Team leader for Lifestyle Coaches

How can a Lifestyle Coach help? “We can help with practically anything related to wellness and health improvement. If you want to lose weight, we can give you that extra motivation and personal know-how to succeed. And if you’re ready to stop smoking we can help you with tips and techniques to drop the habit for good. We can answer questions, provide information and support about everything from fitness and nutrition to high blood pressure and diabetes prevention. But most of all, we help at a personal level, building a relationship that encourages and supports healthy lifestyle changes.”

What do you like best about being a successful Lifestyle Coach? “I love being able to share my knowledge about health and ways to stay fit and healthy. I can relate to members by sharing tips about what’s worked for me and others – such as what to pack for lunch or what type of exercise routine works well.”

What’s your personal wellness secret? “Shop one day a week ­– for me it’s Sunday – then cook your meals for the week and pack them in individual storage containers for portion control. Have meals and snacks ready Monday morning and each weekday to ensure you are eating healthy day after day.”