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Ask Lara

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Q: I’m so busy with work these days. I can never seem to fit in exercise. How can I fit it in and make it count?

Lara: Planning is key. Make the most of your limited time with these tips:

Q: Is walking really a good cardio workout?

Lara: Yes, when you walk with intensity. Any walking is good, but when walking for cardio exercise, be sure your intensity is high enough to burn calories and make a difference. Gradually working your way up to a 15-minute mile pace on your neighborhood walk or treadmill – and keeping it up for three miles – will make a difference.

Q: What sort of things should I pack for healthy lunches on weekdays?

Lara: Plan ahead. On Sundays, shop for raw veggies, fruit, part-skim cheese sticks, raw nuts, fish and chicken.