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Meet Rebecca

“I love having a Lifestyle Coach!”

Rebecca Littleton knew she had to make some lifestyle changes when she found out she had high blood pressure. “I wanted to avoid taking medication to control my blood pressure but was unsure of what changes I needed to make,” Rebecca said.

Soon after her high blood pressure diagnosis, Rebecca received a phone call from a BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Lifestyle Coach. At first she was apprehensive to provide her health insurance company with so much personal information, but her Lifestyle Coach assured her their conversation was confidential.

Changes Make a Difference
Rebecca’s Lifestyle Coach explained that little changes in diet and exercise could make the difference and help lower her blood pressure. Her Lifestyle Coach gave her realistic suggestions on how to incorporate diet and exercise changes into her routine, such as walking at lunch and eating almonds instead of vending machine food as snacks at work.

Convenient Connections
Rebecca and her Lifestyle Coach arranged to talk once a month. “My Lifestyle Coach was always respectful of my time and would ask if it was a good time to talk when she called,” Rebecca said. “She would help me modify what wasn’t working and help me stick with what was.”

In addition to their phone conversations, Rebecca’s Lifestyle Coach would e-mail her articles periodically that she thought would be helpful. “She always gave me a choice of how I would like to receive communication from her,” Rebecca said.

Steps Toward Better Health
After several months, Rebecca’s doctor confirmed that her lifestyle changes had already begun to lower her blood pressure. Rebecca is still working to lower her blood pressure, but is pleased that her doctor agrees that because of her lifestyle changes, she does not need medication to control it.

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