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All About Well+Wise

Health care is personal. That’s why BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee is committed to being more than just a health plan by giving you a health care experience that guides and supports your personal wellness and health needs.

Through our Well+Wise offerings, you have the tools, programs and resources you need to take positive steps toward better health – and make more informed decisions about your health and wellbeing.

Lifestyle Coaching is only one of the many valuable services included in your coverage from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. Additional Well+Wise programs and services are available at no additional charge to assist you wherever you are in your health needs:

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Engaging Education. Interactive tools and information at bcbst.com to help you choose your doctors and better understand health care costs, quality of care, and benefit features, including:
• online health tools
• personal health statements
• preventive reminders
• health resource library
• educational videos

Plus you can talk to Consumer Advisors and Consumer Coaches at 1-800-565-9140.

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Living Well. Wellness engagement and lifestyle change opportunities to help you to take charge of your health care, understand your health risks, and take positive step to improve your health, including:
• lifestyle coaches
• biometric screenings
• 24/7 nurseline
• BluePerks discounts
• health coaches
• preventive health guides
• health assessments
• WalkingWorks programs

For Coaching, call 1-800-818-8581. Press 1 for a Health Coach,
or press 2 for a Lifestyle Coach.

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Caring Solutions. Programs to help you navigate the health care system when needed, teaming with your physician to support informed choices, with:
• chronic condition health coaching
• preference-sensitive health coaching
• care coordination
• case management
• pharmacy guidance

behavioral health programs
• maternity support programs

Call 1-800-818-8581 and press 1 for Health Coaching support

For More Details
Questions about any of the above? Call Member Services at 1-800-565-9140. Take an active role in your health care with Well+Wise support – and become a more informed, well and wise consumer.