Flu Shot Update
It’s more important than ever to get the right flu shot protection this fall, so talk to your doctor about the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines. Depending on your benefit plan, your H1N1 flu vaccination may be covered at 100%. Check with your benefit department to be sure. And remember:

• Drink water to stay hydrated.
• Eat a healthy diet and take a Vitamin C supplement.
• Sneeze and cough into tissues or your shirt sleeve.
• Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes.
• Always keep your hands washed and sanitized.
• If you are sick, stay home and limit direct contact with others.

Go Green — With New Monthly Claims Statements
If you get paper Explanation of Benefit forms (EOBs) mailed from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, they will stop in October, and you’ll receive something even better – a Monthly Claims Statement.

The new statement is easy to understand, and much like a bank statement, clearly lists and explains all your claims transactions for the month – giving you one place to check for all the details, and cutting down on multiple pieces of mail.

Remember: You can print individual EOBs online at in the BlueAccess secure pages, or check your Personal Health Statement in BlueAccess for similar information.

Know About Prior Authorization
Beginning 1/1/10, prior authorization is required for endometrial ablation. If your doctor recommends this procedure, please make sure he or she requests prior authorization. For details, check your benefit materials or call 1-800-565-9140.

Benefits After Mastectomy — Annual Required Notice
Your BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee health plan, as required by the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, provides benefits for mastectomy-related services including reconstruction and surgery to achieve symmetry between the breasts, prostheses, and the complications resulting from a mastectomy (including lymphedema). Review your benefit plan materials for more details about these benefits.

Improving the Quality of Care and Services
The safety and quality of care and service you receive is important. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee’s Quality Improvement Program is evaluated every year for:
• Quality of the care and services you and your family receive
• Appropriateness of care you receive
• Access to providers
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee’s Quality Improvement Program is recognized by national quality assurance groups such as URAC. Learn more about BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee’s Quality Improvement Program by calling (423) 535-6221, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET.

How Your Personal Information is Kept Private
Want to know how BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee keeps your non-public personal information private? Review the company’s Notice of Privacy Practices at or call the Privacy Office at 1-888-455-3824 to find out more.