Benefits After Mastectomy Annual Required Notice
Your BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee health plan, as required by the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, provides...
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Improving the Quality of Care and Services The safety, quality of care, and service that you receive as a BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee member is important to you...
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How Your Personal Information is Kept Private
Want to know how BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee keeps your non-public personal information private?
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Know Your
Member Rights:

Independent Reviews
of Medical Necessity Decisions

As a BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee member, you have the right to...
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Woman smiling, holding laptop, and pointing to the BlueVoice website.

Join BlueVoice

Your Opinion Counts – And Can Earn Prizes!

Opinions matter. And your opinion counts more than ever when you join BlueVoice, the new, online consumer panel (Read more)

woman reading thermometer
Get Ready for Flu Season
It's that time again – time for your annual flu shot. This year, the H1N1 vaccine... (Read more)
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New BlueAccess
Find all your health and wellness information in one place
BlueAccess is a brand-new experience with a completely redesigned appearance, new health tools, and an easy-to-navigate member dashboard. (Read more)
Your Newest BluePerk
Discount on Medical Alert System. Exclusively for members as part of our Well+Wise offerings, your BluePerks discount program features savings of up to 50 percent on... (Read more)
Title: Blue Distinction Center
Facing Complicated Treatment or Surgery?
Choose a Blue Distinction Center of Excellence. Complicated surgeries – and their results – can vary from one hospital to the next. So do your homework. Make sure you choose... (Read more)