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Take Charge of Your Health in 2013

The new year is approaching quickly. If you haven't made your resolutions yet, consider planning for a healthy 2013. Here are some tips to help get you started:

Know Your Numbers So You Can Count On Better Health

Do you know your numbers? Knowing the basic numbers that measure good health can add years to your life:

Talk with your health care provider today about a simple biometric screening.

Personal Health Assessment

A personal health assessment (PHA) sets the stage so you can understand your health risk factors. Although a PHA is not considered a substitute for an annual physical exam, it can identify potential health risks by capturing vital information about your health and lifestyle. The PHA helps you become aware in case physician intervention is necessary. We encourage you to discuss health concerns with your doctor. You can take your free PHA at bcbst.com. Simply log into BlueAccessSM and click on My Health and Wellness.