woman running with headphones

Let BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee rev up your day

The BlueCross Pandora® stations have been taking Tennessee by storm for the last two years, and we have improved the already popular playlists to get more Tennesseans up and moving.

Our Pandora stations are focused on the idea that "wellness is all around you." Whether your daily routine consists of house cleaning, heading to the gym, spending time with your family, or just choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, the idea that "wellness is all around you" serves as motivation to keep making those healthy choices. And what better way to support that idea than through a soundtrack to play while living that healthy – and active – lifestyle.

The BlueCross Pandora radio stations will continue to provide all the great music you've grown to love, organized into three different channels depending on your activity and energy level:

Relax Radio – soothing music designed to help you wind down and relax

Move Radio – upbeat music designed to put you on the move, whether you're cleaning your house or out for a run in the neighborhood

Push Radio – high energy beats designed to motivate and push you to the next level, both physically and mentally

To find the BlueCross Pandora stations online, go to our Facebook page at facebook.com/bcbst and look for the "Listen Now" button