* Please note that larger files may take several minutes to process depending on file size and connection speed.

Welcome to BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee's 5010 HIPAA Compliance Self-Testing Web Tool. This tool has been developed to assist testers in evaluating HIPAA compliance for ANSI transactions. To select a test file, click on the "Browse" button above. To submit the selected file, simply click on the "Verify File Data" button.

Files submitted via this page are intended for testing purposes only. This tool is a service to you for testing, and the results do not guarantee that HIPAA standards have been fully met.

Files submitted via this page should:

  1. Files should contain 20-50 claims and be less than 200KB in size
  2. Files must not include actual provider or member identifying data
  3. Files must not include actual patient Protected Health Information (PHI)
  4. Files should be an accurate representation of the types of claims typically submitted
  5. Files should include corrected and or voided claims and secondary claims

Need help with testing? See Help Documents for HIPAA Compliance Testing Tool.

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