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Testing Registration Form

The testing registration form is for providers and vendors only. If you are a member wanting to view claim status and eligibility, please login to BlueAccess and use Member Self-Service.

Please answer the selected questions below.
Providers who submit via a Billing Agent or Clearinghouse should NOT complete this form.
Please contact your Billing Agent or Clearinghouse to verify their HIPAA readiness.
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 Which of the following transactions will you be testing?
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 837 4010 A1 Institutional Claims
 837 4010 A1 Professional Claims
 270 4010.A1 Eligibility Inquiry
 276 4010.A1 Claim Status Inquiry
 278 4010.A1 Authorization / Referral
 820 4010.A1 Premium Payment
 834 4010.A1 Enrollment
 835 4010.A1 Remittance Advice
Page last modified:November 9, 2006