Working to Deliver Greater Value.

Pioneering new ways to make health care affordable.

Working to Deliver Greater Value.

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We understand that our members are concerned about the challenges that come along with rising health care costs, and we're taking steps to keep those costs in line. We believe it's our job to be a good steward of your premium dollars.

That's why at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee not only do we advocate for affordability, but we're also pioneering new ways to provide the high-quality health care you deserve while being conscious of the value of your money.

We are going beyond the care that you receive when you get sick and are putting a stronger focus on preventing illness and promoting wellness.
Taking Steps to Control Costs

We advocate for our customers by encouraging providers to deliver quality, cost-effective care. BlueCross employees work tirelessly to reach reasonable agreements with health care providers. Our first priority is always to keep health care coverage affordable for the people of Tennessee and beyond.

Through Accountable Care Organizations, which reward providers for offering efficient, cost-effective care, and pay-for-performance initiatives, we are offering providers incentives to keep costs reasonable. We also encourage preventive care, which can catch possible health problems early. Wellness services also provide our customers with the tools they need to stay healthy.

Learn more about what drives health care costs or find out about BlueCross' efforts to keep health care affordable.

Financial Assistance is Available

Financial assistance is available to significantly lower your monthly premiums. Find out if you should apply for financial assistance with this easy-to-use calculator.

Financial Assistance is Available

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