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Tennessee Health Foundation Initiatives

In 2012, the Tennessee Health Foundation granted more than $6.2 million toward statewide initiatives and programs, including Shape the State, the Tennessee Center for Patient Safety and prenatal and infant health initiatives.

Shape the State

Tennessee has one of the highest childhood obesity rates in the country. According to the Tennessee Department of Health, about 40 percent of Tennessee children are overweight or obese. We have committed ourselves to funding programs that educate children and parents about healthy living and promote physical exercise to lower obesity.

Up to 20 schools that apply for Shape the State grants could be for improvements or education programs through the program.

Learn more at shapethestate.com.

Tennessee Center for Patient Safety

The Tennessee Center for Patient Safety is a collaborative effort between BlueCross BlueShield, the Tennessee Hospital Association and the American College of Surgeons from Tennessee.

Learn more here.

Bringing Up Babies

The Tennessee Health Foundation has contributed more than $9.8 million in funding to support research and education dedicated to improving the health of mothers and their children.

Learn more about the Bringing Up Babies program here.

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