What to Expect Once You’ve Enrolled

Things you need to know about being a new member

What to Expect Once You’ve Enrolled

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Thank you for making the decision to join us. We want to help you know what to expect once you’ve enrolled in a BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee health plan.

Three to five days after we receive your application, you’ll receive a welcome packet that includes:

  • Your approval letter
  • A Summary of Benefits - This is a summary of the services covered by your plan and how much you pay when you get care
  • Bank Draft Authorization Form - We can help you avoid non-payment of your premium by using automatic bank drafts.
  • Notice from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS)- This is a notice we're required to send everyone. It tells people eligible for Medicare if their pharmacy benefits provide the same level of coverage as Medicare (creditable) or not (non-creditable). If you're not eligible for Medicare, this notice doesn't apply to you.

Within five to seven business days you'll receive your Health Insurance Member Guide. Your guide will include information on:

  • Using Your Benefits
  • Tips To Maximize Your Benefits
  • Understanding Your Member ID Card
  • Understanding In-Network Benefits vs. Out-of-Network Benefits
  • Understanding Which Provider Network You're In
  • Using Your Member Tools and Resources

Also within five to seven days, you’ll receive your first billing statement. Learn more about ways to make a payment.

You'll receive your BlueCross Member ID card only after paying your first premium in full.

Watch for it within five to seven days of us processing your payment. If you don't submit your first monthly premium by the due date, your plan won't take effect.

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