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Which plan is best for you?

When you begin shopping, you will see the plan options organized by metallic levels. Use these levels as a guide to help you decide which type of plan is best for you.

  • Bronze plans are a good choice for you if you rarely go to the doctor or use medical services and want to save money every month.
  • Silver plans provide varying levels of coverage and costs for those who want solid coverage at an affordable price.
  • If you're managing a health condition and see doctors frequently, or just want more control over your out-of-pocket costs, you might want to consider a Gold plan.

The costs for each plan level vary, from monthly payments and your percentage of medical costs to yearly out-of-pocket maximums.

Now’s the time to get out your answers to the questions you answered on the previous page. These answers will guide you toward the plan that fits your needs and your budget.