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Commitment to diversity

We know that true diversity in the workforce is the basis of an organization’s success. Our people reflect diversity of thought, talent, skills and abilities – creating the source of the company's strength, leadership and vitality.

We expand our commitment to diversity to touch businesses and lives across the state and beyond with initiatives and practices that enhance economic opportunities, and improve personal health and community wellbeing.

Diversity is also the hallmark of our relationships with:

  • Employees, coworkers and associates
  • Customer groups, employers and plan members
  • Community organizations, neighborhoods and families
  • Business associates, sales agents and suppliers

Diversity at work

We’re committed to a diverse workforce and culture where employees are respected and their contributions are recognized. We create and nurture diversity as a solid tenet of our corporate environment, and work to ensure that our employees have opportunities to develop their talents and skills -- while balancing their work lives with personal commitments.

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee was awarded the first Advancement in Diversity Award from the Chattanooga African American Chamber of Commerce. The award celebrates diversity in business at the middle and upper-management levels, highlighting efforts beyond a main level of employees.

In addition to flexible benefits and policies, training and internship programs, the company also has built a successful mentoring program that partners junior and senior managers as a way to enhance learning and communication, and potential for advancement.

Diversity in action

Our products and services support an extended client base of employers, individuals and families, all with diverse backgrounds, economic levels and health concerns. Creating and offering a variety of health plan options, benefit levels and provider networks helps ensure affordable health care and access to care whenever needed.

Diversity in outreach

Community outreach efforts at BlueCross support health and human services initiatives, economic development, education and diversity efforts across the state. Our Tennessee Health Foundation is dedicated to enhancing quality of life. The foundation awards grants that improve health, public education and economic development for Tennesseans by:

  • Supporting effective multicultural approaches for developing healthy lifestyles
  • Enhancing collaborative community partnerships for broader access to health resources
  • Exploring innovative solutions to break cycles of health neglect
  • Establishing healthy initiatives aimed at prevention, intervention and education

Diversity in business

We extend our diversity commitment to include business practices and procedures -- providing diverse suppliers access and opportunity to participate and succeed in the company’s purchasing and procurement process.

Our supplier diversity program:

  • Proactively encourages a diverse vendor base
  • Provides bidding opportunities for small businesses, minority-owned businesses, and veteran-owned businesses
  • Holds key suppliers accountable to extend subcontracting opportunities to diverse vendors
  • Supports purchases of quality, cost-effective goods and services from diverse suppliers and vendors

In support of small and minority-owned businesses, we work to promote and increase participation in this vital economic opportunity to support viable, successful businesses across Tennessee.


If you're looking for a company where you can start your career - or continue growing it - this could be the ideal place for you. Our claims and customer service positions are perfect starting points for new employees. And those with more specialized skills will find openings, too, from entry-level jobs to positions in management and everything in between.