Healing Touch

Healing Touch - Introduction

The human spirit is strong. It triumphs and succeeds in spite of the many obstacles it faces in the course of a lifetime. Some of the greatest illustrations of the resilient human spirit are seen in the lives of the first African-Americans to practice medicine in the South.

African-Americans practicing health care in the 1800s faced adversity from many fronts. Held as slaves until 1865, African-Americans had few – if any – civil liberties. Up until that time, it was illegal to teach black people how to read.

After the Civil War, the need for health care services in the African-American community was dire. Because receiving health care services from the white community was not an option, African-Americans had to look within themselves to gain an education and practice health care.

Determined men and women set out to test the strength of the human spirit. Head on, they faced the obstacles of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination. They persevered within out communities.

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